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When the sky snows or the wind blows, you need the top tree pros! Harsh weather conditions put your trees under a lot of stress. If there is a weak branch or limb, you run the risk of having it come crashing down, potentially endangering your property or a loved one. If you worry about the foundational integrity of your tree, but don’t want to have it removed completely, it might be saved with cabling and bracing from David’s Tree Service!

Cabling and bracing services are for trees with dangerous structural damage and are intended to strengthen unstable limbs. We use steel cables and thread rods to balance the weight in between weakened tree points and stronger ones. This is meant to help those limbs, as well as the rest of the tree, withstand the most severe weather conditions like snow and wind. Cabling and bracing can also support restoration in your trees and facilitate their durability for a long life, which means you and your family can enjoy your tree for many more years.

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Professional Tree Cabling and Bracing

Having a tree in your yard that’s older than the house itself can be difficult to part with. When you think of your tree, you might think of birds chirping, cooling relief under its shade or children playing in the branches! It is not just an insignificant part of your property, but sometimes it can be an integral part of your home. Not to mention, trees contribute to your home’s market value and benefit the neighborhood’s ecosystem, providing climate moderation and fresh air! Having an old tree in your yard is great, but it does have its risks.

If you see a branch that looks like it is in danger of falling, call David’s Tree Service to come and check it out. We can inspect the tree for other signs of weakness and confirm whether it can be saved from being removed completely by either tree bracing or cabling.

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Tree Bracing Little Rock

Tree bracing is typically done when the tree shows signs of structural damage in which the fundamental integrity of the tree is compromised. For example, cracking or splitting in the trunk are significant indications of damage. Also look out for v-crotches, in which the connection between trunks has a very tight, narrow space as opposed to a u-shape. This makes the tree top-heavy and unbalanced, likely to fall under extreme conditions.

Bracing uses thread rods between weak points and durable stems to provide solid holding power, reducing the risk of further cracking and branches collapsing.

Tree Cabling Little Rock

Tree cabling is typically done when the tree’s structure is in need of extra support, as this is an area with a high risk for failure. High-strength, flexible steel cables are installed to the upper crown of the tree in order to reduce excessive movement during high stress situations. Cabling effectively prevents and mitigates the hazard it imposes on your property.

You may visually inspect your tree’s cabling every year, but we suggest that every four years, you call a tree care expert to thoroughly examine where the cables attach. This is so that we can ensure it’s durability and make adjustments, when necessary.

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Our arborists are specially trained to inspect trees and find the best option that fits with your budget and convenience. If you need tree cabling and bracing to save a tree, our experts are insured and capable of conducting jobs that require dangerous heights and handling of complex equipment. Leave it to the professionals!

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Contact us if you need to remove a tree for any of the following reasons:

Dead, dying, or diseased trees
Trees that are leaning
Trees that have outgrown their space
Tree removal for construction
Emergency tree removal

Common Hazards Caused by Trees:

Sagging branches over building, walkway, or driveway
Branches growing into power lines
Branches touching roof
Large crossing branches

Periodic tree pruning eliminates safety hazards while promoting safe and healthy growth patterns to enhance your tree’s beauty.

Removal of dead or unstable trees close to buildings is crucial for protecting safety and avoiding property damage and liability.

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that get in the way of mowing and landscaping with quick, environmentally-friendly stump grinding.