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If you have large trees, let David’s Tree Service keep them healthy and thriving with our various tree care services!

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Large Tree Care Services

In general, trees are considered large trees if they are 70 feet tall or above. As such, they often require different needs compared to their shorter counterparts, so it is important to work with a certified arborists who understands the difference between shorter trees and tall trees and what to do to keep them healthy.

Large trees may grow to have long, healthy lives, but they do have many risks other plants do not such as:

  • Risk growing in dangerous areas such as into power lines or too close to homes
  • Lightning strike risk increases, as lightning tends to hit objects closest to the sky
  • Top of crown becomes increasingly difficult to trim as the tree grows, which can lead to risks such as limbs falling from up high if proper maintenance is not followed

Our experienced arborists understand these problems and use specialized equipment to trim large trees. We take pride in having large cranes and bucket trucks available for our clients. Take a look below and some of the large tree services we offer.

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Large Tree Trimming

No matter if you are looking for structural tree trimming or aesthetic tree trimming, our arborists can deliver! We provide the skills and equipment necessary to tackle large tree trimming tasks safely and effectively. We are fully licensed and insured, providing you peace of mind as we take on large tree maintenance.

Large Tree Removal Services

There comes a time in the lifespan of every large tree where they either become hazardous and fall or steps are taken to remove a tree proactively before it’s too late.

If you are worried about a large tree on your property because it shows signs that it might not be stable anymore, have our tree care experts come out and take a look at it. If they agree and believe it would be better to remove it now, they will use the right equipment for the job to take down the tree in a safe manner.

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Cabling & Bracing Large Trees

Trees, like people, go through various cycles in their health and sometimes need help to continue to thrive. Storms, lightning strikes, diseases, and other factors might cause a tree to seem to lean to one side or become weakened. Cabling and bracing services can assist a tree that appears to be struggling but that you would rather try to save instead of take down right away.

If a large tree is leaning or seems to need some outside help so it can regain its strength, our arborists can provide cabling and bracing to keep it upright and help it out rather than jump right into removing a tree that could be a risk to others.

Other tree services we provide include: 

  • Tree disease treatment, including tree injections – Did you know that you can take care of tree pests or fertilize a tree from the inside out? Take advantage of helping your tree in a big way with these services!
  • Emergency tree services – Don’t delay on taking care of a tree emergency. Contact us now for help!
  • Stump grinding – Avoid having an unsightly stump sitting on your yard in place of your removed tree with this value added service.

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For help with large tree care, contact the certified arborists at David’s Tree Service! We provide service throughout Little Rock.

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Contact us if you need to remove a tree for any of the following reasons:

Dead, dying, or diseased trees
Trees that are leaning
Trees that have outgrown their space
Tree removal for construction
Emergency tree removal

Common Hazards Caused by Trees:

Sagging branches over building, walkway, or driveway
Branches growing into power lines
Branches touching roof
Large crossing branches

Periodic tree pruning eliminates safety hazards while promoting safe and healthy growth patterns to enhance your tree’s beauty.

Removal of dead or unstable trees close to buildings is crucial for protecting safety and avoiding property damage and liability.

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that get in the way of mowing and landscaping with quick, environmentally-friendly stump grinding.