Little Rock Stump Grinding Service

After a tree is taken down, cut up, and removed, there’s still the problem of stump removal. Digging out the stump of a large, mature tree is impractical due to the amount of labor involved and the large crater left behind. Chemical methods are often ineffective, take a long time, and leave toxic residues in the soil.

Stump grinding eliminates all of these problems. Grinding the stump down to several inches below the soil line eliminates obstacles to mowing without leaving a large hole. Wood chips from the stump itself, mixed with topsoil, are used to fill in the hole. Over a period of years, the wood chips and subsoil portions of the stump will decompose, leaving your yard looking like the stump was never there.

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Professional Little Rock Stump Grinding

At David’s Tree Service, our expertise and equipment can be used to save grind down tree stumps as well as provide other tree care needs. Rather than get your hands dirty and pay for the equipment to remove the stump, let us do the work for you in a safe and effective manner for a similar cost.

Certain safety measures and specialized equipment is necessary to remove a tree stump. While a DIY approach to stump grinding is possible, renting a stump grinder costs nearly the same as hiring a professional tree care company to do the same work in less time and with more specialized knowledge. Our fast, free estimates for stump removal in Little Rock help you get rid of an ugly stump in your yard faster than the time it takes for other stump grinding companies to return your call.

Stump Removal Services

Depending on the size of your stump, tree stump removal professionals may need to bring in smaller stump grinding machines or large stump grinding machines. For example, if you have a fenced back yard and a narrow gate, a smaller machine will do the trick. More accessible yards, and larger stumps, require larger stump grinding machines. We have both on hand to make sure the job is done right.

With a dozen years of experience providing tree services in the Little Rock area and stump grinding and removal services, David’s Tree Service has certified arborists on staff year round to answer any questions you may have about tree care and plant health care to fit your situation. We offer cleanup services with every job so you don’t have to do more work when our work is done.

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Periodic tree pruning eliminates safety hazards while promoting safe and healthy growth patterns to enhance your tree’s beauty.

Removal of dead or unstable trees close to buildings is crucial for protecting safety and avoiding property damage and liability.

Learn about tree care from our experienced arborists, including resources about trimming, tree removal, and more!