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Why You Should Not Do Your Own Tree Maintenance

By April 3, 2017September 30th, 2019Tree Care, Tree Health, Tree Problems, Tree Trimming
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We know that maintaining the aesthetic of your property is important to you as a homeowner.
There is a grand sense of pride when you have landscaping that looks vibrant and lush which makes the whole neighborhood jealous.

But having this type of stunning landscape requires a lot of maintenance and hard work on your lawn and, more importantly, on your trees. Many people think that they can forgo hiring a tree care company and do it themselves. We strongly advise against pruning, trimming, or removing trees by yourself. Not only is it time-consuming, but there is a very likely possibility of you hurting yourself or others, damaging your property, or shortening the lifespan of the very tree you’re trying to spruce up.

Why Can’t I Do My Own Tree Maintenance?

This is a question that we tree care professionals hear a lot. “Why can’t I just trim my trees myself?” and other questions like this one are common concerns that many people have. However, the experts–like those at David’s Tree Service– still encourage you to hire certified and insured arborists to do your tree maintenance. There are a number of reasons why this is beneficial.

You shouldn’t do your own tree maintenance because you need to:

  • Protect the tree’s health — Tree care requires proper training in order to strategically plan how you’re going to treat a tree. If you’re trimming a tree yourself, you never know how what you’re doing is going to affect its health, especially if you have never had experience before. For example, if you are cutting the top portions off of the crown because you think it is outgrowing its space, this may seem like a simple task. However, if not done properly, it can easily cost the tree its life. Even just small maintenance tasks like pruning can have a huge impact on a tree’s growth pattern, so you are just better off getting a trained and skilled team to do it for you.
  • Protect your own health — More important than protecting the tree’s health is protecting your own health, as it can get very dangerous. A routine tree limb removal involves getting up into the tree that can reach scary heights, handling powerful equipment like chainsaws and a massive limb that can come crashing down, potentially harming your property or someone else. It’s no wonder why you should have a tree care company who follows strict safety guidelines come in and work on your tree maintenance!

What Can a Tree Care Company Do?

Even if the above does not persuade you, then maybe telling you that hiring a tree care company is plainly just economical will convince you. Though you may be able to handle other projects around the house without professional help, tree care is one of those big projects that can lead to higher costs if executed incorrectly. For instance, if you do tree trimming yourself, and the tree becomes diseased and dies, then you need to have it removed completely which is much more expensive. Not only will a tree care company do all the work for you in an efficient and timely manner, we can do the full clean up too!

Also, getting preventative tree services just makes sense. An arborist can look at your tree’s health, give you advice on the type of fertilizer to use, and give treatments to trees that have bugs and other pests.

Finally, if you want to plant more trees in your yard, we can also help you select the right one that will thrive for years to come! An arborist is well-trained in the understanding of local climate and the things that can affect tree growth. For example, here in Arkansas, the best trees to have in your yard range from pine trees (like our state tree!) to hickory, oak, and maple trees. We can also advise you on how much maintenance a tree will grow to need so that you can know exactly what you’re getting into before you plant it.

Contact Our Little Rock Certified Arborists!

A tree care company can do it all for you — Just leave it to us! If you are in need of licensed and insured help, contact David’s Tree Service!